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Jack Ma is in the country peeps and I know a good number of people are revelling over this opportunity. It is indeed a great occasion; the chance to get a motivational talk from one of the world’s wealthiest men (apparently the wealthiest in Asia) on what career choices you need to take to one day turn out just like him is indeed phenomenal. Continue reading “SWEAT IN YOUR TWENTIES!”

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Spotlight on Taxify

The stupidity that is the Taxify app cannot even be put to words! #ImmaTryTho

After a quick look into their comment section on Facebook and Twitter, I am now 100% confident in the fact that:

  1. I am not the only unsatisfied customer, and Screenshot_2017-07-07-14-54-37
  2. There are some major con-artistes running this taxi operation

Continue reading “Spotlight on Taxify”


I had to let the Carine article sit at the top for a bit because of how much love I have for this girl, but the number of complaints as to why I haven’t posted anything for a while have made me tired. In all honesty I do get carried away with life from time to time and I’m grateful to the loyal readers of this blog who remind me to write even when it’s the last thing on my mind. Continue reading “Closer…Closer…CLOSER”

Blood, Sweat & Tears

The knees of many great men buckle underneath the slightest pressure; and why you may ask? One is only as great as the struggles they have had to overcome Continue reading “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

Fake it till you make it! Yes? No? For the Gram?

Noooo! I cannot! I have literally refused to can! Is this even a thing? Continue reading “Fake it till you make it! Yes? No? For the Gram?”


This week I decided my last post based on a short mini-break during the Easter weekend deserved a sequel. Thanks to some coaxing from a close friend I decided that one aspect of my trip could make for an interesting read. Continue reading “NO! I WILL NOT HAVE SEX FOR MONEY!”

Easter Break Blues

The last time I went on a mini-break I spent all my time in the hotel pool. When it was time to come back home I realised just how much fun stuff there was to do that I actually didn’t. You go on a tailspin whenever any holiday is coming to an end and Continue reading “Easter Break Blues”

HIT THE FREEWAY(superhighway)!

Break ups are the absolute worst but we all have that one break up that left us happier Continue reading “HIT THE FREEWAY(superhighway)!”

Grace and Troy*

Meet Grace*, she has a great head on her shoulders having completed her schooling and has a great job to boot. Grace seems to have it all from others perspective, yet if you take a closer look at Grace, she is longing. Longing for something that money can’t buy, or so she thinks. Continue reading “Grace and Troy*”

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