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Forge Your Own Path :))

You know those long days you have at work, that leave you wondering if it’s all worth it. One of those weeks when you really wonder whether your employer really appreciates your value Continue reading “Forge Your Own Path :))”

Let’s Be Serious For A Sec!

What do you think of Trump being the newly sworn in leader of the United States of America, or the Free World as many like to call it? I truly thought nothing of it. My routine answer was ‘NOW HOW DOES THAT AFFECT ME’? But being a grown up means at times one has to think like a grown up. So here are a couple of things I, (read a close friend and I) thought you should know; Continue reading “Let’s Be Serious For A Sec!”

Mr. Right vs Mr. Right Now

The other day as I made my morning coffee in the office kitchen, a colleague and I were having a very serious discussion about “The appropriate age to settle down”. I stirred in my sugar as he tried Continue reading “Mr. Right vs Mr. Right Now”

New Year, New Me (That’s Just a Load of Bull)

“(2010)I’m going to focus more on my studies. I’m going to become less outgoing and focus more on completing campus as fast as I can. (2011) This year I’m going to be the best me I can possibly be in my relationship. I love him too much to mess this good thing up. (2012) I have to finally graduate this year, never mind if I have not yet completed all my coursework. I can take a few extra hours and success can be a reality. (2013) This year I will get a real job, who says I can’t be the success story of an intern hired immediately into Upper management at a popular media house. Al Jazeera here I come! (2014) I have to finish my Masters this year! (2015) I’m going to move abroad and live here forever. (2016) OK, so I didn’t move abroad but I can get my start-up running, no employment for me! I’m gonna be my own boss!”sana

Continue reading “New Year, New Me (That’s Just a Load of Bull)”

Stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen!

No lies, we girls give the emptiest compliments to each other. The words “You look so nice TODAY have been said to me so many times, I stopped thinking if this was a jab at my appearance on most days. Ladies compete with each other on so many fronts and for no reason at all. If you see your “friend” with a new bag or shoe, your new mission in life becomes getting a better bag or shoe to simply rub in their face. Why? TO SHOW THEM THAT THEY AIN’T SH*T! Continue reading “Stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen!”

Wait For It…

When you embark on a creative journey, no one tells you how bumpy the road can get. I started this blog with all the positivism of a first day at school but I have to admit it does get trying at times. So here we are, you the reader and I the writer and I’m meant to captivate you and leave you with a new notion you’d never even heard of, but the truth is I JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE IT. Continue reading “Wait For It…”

Well Hello There MR Smarty Pants…We Meet Again:)

Any publicity is good publicity! Trump surely rode this show horse till there was nothing left but he somehow survived the media storm of negative coverage, emerging victorious as the 45th president elect of the United States of America.

I still don’t understand how someone who claimed to grab women by the “YOU KNOW WHERE” Continue reading “Well Hello There MR Smarty Pants…We Meet Again:)”

I’m Sorry, BUT (The Non-Apology Apology)

How do we know when we are in the wrong? Do we also know enough to apologize when we are wrong? Are we accepting of the fact that we are not perfect and that as humans we make mistakes? When we realize our error are we quick to apologize and in a sincere fashion? Continue reading “I’m Sorry, BUT (The Non-Apology Apology)”

Just Saying…

I always curse myself the moment I see a car of the same make and colour as that of my ex. Why didn’t I memorize his number plate? Now I’m eternally plagued to either duck when I look like a shade, or strut it when I’m prim and proper!

toyota-noah Continue reading “Just Saying…”

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