Jack Ma is in the country peeps and I know a good number of people are revelling over this opportunity. It is indeed a great occasion; the chance to get a motivational talk from one of the world’s wealthiest men (apparently the wealthiest in Asia) on what career choices you need to take to one day turn out just like him is indeed phenomenal. (Please catch the sarcasm because there’s some in there; not everyone has had the same opportunities in life and ones success rests on how they have played with the cards they were dealt and no one should convince you to walk in their shadow because more often than not copycats fail)

Jack Ma- The wealthiest man in Asia

Jack ma, who founded the e-commerce website Alibaba, arrived in Kenya on Wednesday 19 July for a two day tour of the business sector, as well as to deliver a talk to the youth at the University of Nairobi on how to build successful business empires. He arrived with a host of other Chinese billionaires all keen on the opportunity to invest in Kenya. I honestly do appreciate the input the Asian community has put into the progression of the Kenyan economy but sincerely are we so deeply lacking in Kenyan entrepreneurship and investment ideals that foreigners have to come point out innovative ways we can generate revenue within OUR country.


This post is targeted to the millennials that believe in spoon-feeding of ideas and inhibition of creativity in order to fit into the ‘employable’ Kenyan bracket. During my years in college, I had a lecturer who for the life of me I can’t remember his name but his words I still do live by. PREDICTYOURFUTUREHe overly repeated the notion that he was there to teach us the skills we were dearly paying exorbitant fees for, not so we could go and get employed by the ready-made enterprises thriving off our fresh ideas, but so we could go forth and become THE EMPLOYERS by implementing our ideas into feasible concepts and running with them no matter the outcome.

It made me feel alive to know that in my youth anything I did, whether wrong or right, I could get away with (financially speaking of course). This week this idea crept into my brain and I have never felt as motivated as I feel at this precise moment. I spent the week jotting down every light bulb moment I have had since my conception and ruling out the unrealistic leaving behind what I deemed feasible.

Dear Millennial; let me be the first to tell you that you should be sweating in your twenties! You should be hustling so hard you find it hard to sleep at night because you constantly keep thinking of all the money you are losing while you keep those eyes shut! The worst type of pain you can experience at this point is watching someone else implement an idea you had in the past, and watch it come alive for them as they reap endless benefits. (This has happened to me twice so far and I can assure you the pain is worse than losing a limb). Laziness is the drug of the devil! You don’t need to keep up appearances with that small fortune, invest it and let it grow so you can be the appearance others want to keep up with. Learn to share with others, share your ideas with friends and grow together or you will definitely have a lonely time at the top.

NOTETOSELFYou don’t need a Jack Ma to tell you that your twenties should be your toughest time period through life. Let common sense guide you through it. You are tasked with so much at this point; the quest for a fortune and career stability, the quest for a life partner and a future family, the quest for material belongings not to mention the ultimate quest of spiritual stability in Christ! I challenged myself this week and one year from now I am keen to see what will have come of this challenge, I hope I also managed to challenge some of you.

Don’t let me down.