The stupidity that is the Taxify app cannot even be put to words! #ImmaTryTho

After a quick look into their comment section on Facebook and Twitter, I am now 100% confident in the fact that:

  1. I am not the only unsatisfied customer, and Screenshot_2017-07-07-14-54-37
  2. There are some major con-artistes running this taxi operation

A couple of weeks ago, I saw their online campaign for 40% off all trips using the app and was excited because yes…Hi, My name is Hilda and I am an Uber addict! After a long day at the office I decided to put the offer to good use and requested a ride. Monday blues are not my thing so the faster I get home on a Monday the better and the driver did not disappoint as I didn’t have to wait too long for his arrival.

A trip that would usually cost me between Ksh550-650 ended with a charge of Ksh390 and I was sold on the fact that I had found my new saving grace. #UberWho

Tuesday came around and I fully exerted myself as I knew that I needed no extra energy to get myself home as my new found love Taxify would get me home in one piece. By the way, call me spoilt I really don’t care but life is short so feel free to spoil yourself every once in a while.

Long story short, my Taxify ride arrived and after the trip home I was left speechless upon the presentation of a Ksh1,650 charge. Screenshot_2017-07-07-14-55-30The look of horror on my face was apparent and the driver kept trying to sell me on the fact that we had really taken a long time in the traffic. HOW NOW? Note that the time both trips took on each days was on average almost the same so any change in price wouldn’t go above 50 bob in fact even that 50 bob is really REALLY pushing it!

Taking a look at my receipt, the distance amount was over Ksh1,300 yet the previous day I was charged Ksh270. The base fare for both trips was Ksh60 due to the promotion in effect so where was the disparity coming from? The driver took my money and told me to call customer care who would refund the money into my account like Uber (as if I didn’t have anything to do with that money) This refund trick is the oldest trick in the book if you didn’t know, because when the money is put into your Uber or Taxify account it still isn’t yours and is only accessible the next time you want to use a taxi. So who’s playing who, because my opinion is these sickos are playing us!Screenshot_2017-07-07-14-58-24

I’m allowed to be pissed because Taxify have no customer care services whatsoever! Do not be fooled by the customer care number which they give which either rings and is never picked or just chills off the hook at all times! They never respond to emails, and even the help chat featured in the app in my opinion is just a front as new pictures come up every time with some Nigerian sounding names. Ama the people running the show over at the Taxify camp are those princes from Nigeria’ always asking for money to save their crown on Facebook? #IssaLie

My ComplaintSo I took to social media to explain my situation as seen in the screenshot and till today there is still no response. There are so many grievances on their Facebook page; I don’t even know why it’s still up. If you read this by the way CAN THE JIG BE UP! Share it far and wide that these Taxify idiots do not deserve a cent of your hard earned money. They will rip you off!

I have seen complaints of people claiming to have been robbed in the cabs, others claim that in situations similar to mine they were overcharged and have still not heard anything from the App manufacturers or been reimbursed in any way. Many complaints were about unruly drivers who always claimed to not have change and would M-Pesa you the difference but to avail. In my opinion the drivers know that their Customer Care is not operational and have nothing to lose by swindling you or in the worst case scenario mugging you!

Screenshot_2017-07-07-14-56-33I believe in professionalism so honestly speaking can somebody tell these Negros that we have Uber and we are doing just fine. Let your friends and family know to never use this Application as TAXIFY is UNSAFE and UNSTABLE!

I, Hilda Mwangi approve this message and if you have a problem with it or me, sue me (but first can you refund my money coz my calculations suggest that Taxify still owes me Ksh1,250 and the cost of living in Nairobi is said to be on the rise and I’m trying to save) #TRUESTORY