Noooo! I cannot! I have literally refused to can! Is this even a thing?

So Shad Moss, the musician popularly known as Bow Wow, decided to upload a picture on his Instagram of a private jet standing next to two super flashy cars. The caption on the pic claims he was travelling to New York to work on a TV show. His 3.4 million Instagram followers were not fooled when a passenger on another flight, (ECONOMY AT THAT) posted a picture with Bow Wow seated on the seat in front of him. And just like that the jig was up!

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First off, I fail to understand how a private jet translates to a seat in economy? Economy seats are what the rest of us normals’ buy, so when you are balling on a ‘Bow Wow’ level:- Je ne comprends pas?

The thing you need to understand is, this isn’t just a Bow thing. If you didn’t know, such lies make up almost 70% of the posts you see on your social media feed. I have witnessed this trickery first hand my good people!

A good example is a friend of mine who just loves dining out, but she rarely has the funds to afford it. She’s very pretty and possesses the ability to bend a man’s will with ease. She googles and edits pics of high end dishes online and posts them as her own and as a result of this, most jamaas who ask her out only take her to the fanciest places. Little do they know she’s literally living off them. This is an example of how such lies can make you “win” albeit the effort to procure that meal ticket is just too dang much!


#Sorry Girl I Hope We’re Still Friends

The levels for these lies are so immense ranging from catty, to sad and some braggy (crazy right) but in the end I wrote this post to uplift the Truth-Sayers, so let me get to it. Well, we’ve all been on Instagram/ Facebook and seen the posts by our friends on the holidays, clothes, makeup, money, cars, women, hair, jewellery and homes but what you don’t see are the stories behind said posts.

I was so jealous of one of my friends on vacation in February while I was so busy at the office, I didn’t even have the time to order some lunch. I came to realise waaay later that she was on a work trip and the jealousy subsided and quickly turned to curiosity. I called her out for the fake post as she’d posted about how it’s so good to take a break, how she was swimming all day, how she really deserved the rest and was now telling me to my face that she was in a seminar the whole time and only got some time for herself on the last day. (Half a day) I know this is a small issue but i’m petty like that #Pettycoat

I’m getting carried away now so let me finish by saying this; before you go lusting away at someone’s life consider how awesome yours already is and how lucky you are to have it because chances are you’re lusting for a lie.

downloadThe devil is a lie!!!!