This week I decided my last post based on a short mini-break during the Easter weekend deserved a sequel. Thanks to some coaxing from a close friend I decided that one aspect of my trip could make for an interesting read.

Now that the novelty of Diani (my travel destination) has worn off my system, I am perplexed by the number of mixed race relations (note that I didn’t use the term RELATIONSHIPS) I witnessed. Everywhere I seemed to look I saw white men with black girls or white women with black men, and yes everywhere! And they weren’t youthful either if you catch my drift…

Kindly note I don’t necessarily have an issue with this or any mash-up couples, whatever floats your boat. My interest was piqued however when the better halves were ‘Beach Boys’ and their counterparts ‘The Lady Friends’(that’s my polite way of referring to prostitutes) During my stay at the coast I stayed at a lovely middle-sized establishment with a pleasant ambience and a very chilled out vibe. Guests kept to themselves for the most part, until it came to the poolside area where no one’s age was discernible as everyone acted a fool and no one cared about how they looked all in the name of having fun.

Balcony Views You Guy!

The majority of guests at this residence are foreign, providing a proud Kenyan citizen like myself, with a sense of pride as the guests came from far and wide to sample what KENYA has to offer. What the tourists come to sample in my homeland is questionable however.

True Story, I have never seen so many ‘Lady Friends’ at one place in my life. Two doors down from my room resided a very interesting old gent who switched them up as many times as I switched from swimming costumes to clothes, which was immeasurable given the heat and the fact that I was on holiday. I would go get breakfast and meet him coming up the stairs with a different lady from the one I’d met the previous night and upon completion of my meal would lock eyes on him ushering in another “friend” through the security at the gate from my discreet vantage point.

The virility of this old Muzungu is quite remarkable as my companion and I were amazed by the fact that an old Guka could be bedding these mamas one after the other like he had just discovered sex for the first time in his life. At least we had something to laugh about throughout our trip but now consciously I have to wonder, what with the threat of HIV/Aids among other STD’s and STI’s, is this really what we as Kenyans want our beautiful vacation destination to be known for. And just because I didn’t mention any Beach Boys don’t think I didn’t come across any either because there was one such couple on the first floor, but that one looked a tad too awkward so let me just end that there.

We are slowly getting increased popularity for prostitution rather than marine life, tours and safaris…the big 5 for Pete’s sake! I would like to live in a country where I can flaunt my assets in a bikini strolling down the beach, without a bunch of old white geezers accosting me for some of my good goods. Naaah, not gonna happen!