The last time I went on a mini-break I spent all my time in the hotel pool. When it was time to come back home I realised just how much fun stuff there was to do that I actually didn’t. You go on a tailspin whenever any holiday is coming to an end and coupled with the fact that I hadn’t done anything of consequence or pleasure, I felt I’d wasted a tone of my time and money just lying around in a pool, something I didn’t have to leave Nairobi to do. That totally sucked!

This Easter I decided to go on a short trip as a revenge sequel to the last one. (I’m going to withhold the details of said trip because you never know which stalkers actually read this blog for some personal juicy bits) So anyhow, this Easter most of you will be travelling either on a short trip with friends or family to vacation places or your rural homes. Either way, a trip remains a trip and the best way to enjoy said trip is to step out of your comfort zone. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS STAY SAFE

Before venturing out on your journey, it’s always advisable to do some bit of digging about the area. Find out more about the locals and what acts go against their culture and norms, you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Do you?!! Unless that’s your thing and if so, IM’MA LET YOU BE GREAT! Discover the main attractions of the area, whether a restaurant, hill, beach or camp, make a point of visiting it. This is not only an enjoyable activity but also helps in later conversations when telling those around you about your trip. They will have either been there and agree with you, or make a mental note to go visit wherever you went that got you that excited. See, you just made some brownie points there making you a bit cooler that you just were!

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SOCIALIZE!!!! I can’t stress this point enough. It’s a well-known fact that making friends as an adult is way more complicated as compared to children who become best friends after merely seating together in a class. This should not deter you from your course. A short conversation with a pretty lady could be your one-way ticket out of incessant bachelorhood. This short conversation should NOT in any way begin like this, “Eish Madame, si umebeba!” translated to Madame, you are well endowed or “Sister, leta vitu nigware”….let’s just say NO ONE should ever know what that translates to! A polite compliment should do the trick and for the ladies make sure to smile and be polite. My loving mother once told me the best make-up any lady can wear is a smile, I live by this and it has never let me down so far :))


So you’ve gone on your trip, all your plans came to fruition and it was pleasing enough. Do you know who kept you safe, of course 1) is yourself for not making any risky decisions but primarily the one who kept you safe from the start is Your Lord. Never forget Him as He was with you throughout your plans and during the trip. Thank Him and ask for His Journey Mercies all through your mini-break this Easter. Easter is really the time when we thank God for sending his ONLY Son to die on the Cross for our sins and it is through His Resurrection that we are free from sin. Thank God for this no matter where you are.

Happy Easter to all my ShebyHilda readers, I am grateful for each of you and I thank you for the constant motivation I get to post on this blog for you. Stay safe and blessed!