Break ups are the absolute worst but we all have that one break up that left us happier than we had been in a long while. That one exquisite moment when you are free and clear from all the bull crap your so called lover had unleashed in your life, this is one of the sweetest moments we ever get to taste. This post was meant to be a guide for the heartbroken on how to best get over a break up but screw that, instead I opt for the light-hearted option. This is my guide on how to enjoy a break up. Make that break the most memorable time in your life!

First things first, you have to learn how to identify a nasty relationship in order for you to enjoy the break up. Release the baggage so to speak. So the most common reasons for a break up are:

  • Cheating
  • Broken promises
  • Stealing
  • Lack of self-knowledge and a low self esteem
  • Excessive jealousy and insecurity
  • Imbalance of power
  • I could go on and on…

Once you have identified your reasons for the break up and all possible solutions to these problems have failed miserably, it’s about time to cut the cord. Whether you are a man or woman, your feelings do matter and you can’t just go on with your life waiting for these problems to resolve themselves.


So you’ve headed out and done the dirty deed, (I do mean the break up) sit down and write a list of all the good things that happened in your relationship. From A-Z do not leave anything out! Then write another list, and in this list include all the times you got mad, felt taken for granted or anything in general that just left you feeling like an onion. Sit and compare the lists and feel the positive and negative vibes flow through you as you release all your emotions.

I know most will feel low after this but it helps to have a bit of alcohol present as you go through this. Friends are also a welcome distraction as you need them for the next step. You need to get dressed up, put on your sexiest outfit and/or dapper look and get out there. A night out with some friends at a ‘happening’ spot is going to do you some good. Feel free to flirt and exchange numbers with some rando’s to give you a good little ego boost. I don’t advocate for one night stands though because you will try use this to fill the void and fail miserably. So head home feeling relieved and refreshed and understand that you are now free and loose from all of the bad vibes and constant arguments.

You need to wake up the following morning and feel energised and ready to accomplish all the things you said you would get to while you were too focused on your significant other. Compose a to-do-list and try performing every single task on it. You need to try looking your best every time you leave the house, not just for those who will flirt with you (although this does help) but also for yourself. Get that little boost every time a stranger or friend compliments you on your appearance. TRASH“This is his/her loss” is what you need to keep repeating to yourself every time you think back to the memories of your ex. Let this be your mantra whenever you feel lonely, coupled with the fact that it just wasn’t meant to be. You’d rather be single than drowning in a suffocating relationship.

Let loose and don’t make the mistake of getting into another relationship too soon. You can try enjoying your time alone and finding yourself. You no longer have to pretend to like ‘Superman vs Batman’, go to the theatres and watch ‘Beauty and The Beast’ LIKE A BOSS! Eat what you want ladies, and as for the guys, you finally can spend some money on yourself instead of on the dates that got more expensive every week as if she was a tax collector. Aaigh!