Meet Grace*, she has a great head on her shoulders having completed her schooling and has a great job to boot. Grace seems to have it all from others perspective, yet if you take a closer look at Grace, she is longing. Longing for something that money can’t buy, or so she thinks.

Grace has everything going for her yet one aspect of her life is lacking. She desperately wants to hear the pitter-patter of little feet around her home. She wants someone to call her mommy yet she lacks the potential partner who can help her to achieve this. Grace is stuck and sees no way around this. Her relatives ask her at each family gathering why she isn’t getting started on her own family, she smiles coyly in response and steers the conversation away from the awkward topic. Yet deep down she knows what she must do…

Grace has flirtations with several men but none has achieved the level of depth she feels she deserves. She has one specific guy she really likes, Troy. Troy likes Grace; he thinks she is fun to hang out with and is someone who can take the boredom out of any lonely day. Regrettably for Grace, Troy is too accustomed to his bachelor lifestyle and doesn’t specifically want a relationship with her. He only sees Grace as someone to pass the time with.

One cold Afternoon, Grace is counting her viable eggs now in a fit of desperation and as she sighs deeply her phone rings. Its Troy, he’s home alone with a bottle of whisky with her name on it. He’s curious if she’s game to down the bottle as they Netflix and Chill. Grace can’t get there fast enough. She didn’t even spray on some deodorant but she doesn’t care because tonight is the night all her prayers will be answered.

Fast forward a year later. Grace has a gorgeous baby girl, Mumbi. After what seemed like the longest nine months ever, her goal was accomplished and she is now a proud new mom. While she is at home being a mother, Troy is enjoying a night out with his boys. “Where is her ‘Good For Nothing’ baby daddy though? Doesn’t her know they have a new-born! Why is he always so irresponsible?” she wonders. Grace sure knew how to pick one fine baby daddy! He had the looks, smarts and charm but one quick side note, Troy never wanted to be in a relationship let alone anyone’s father at the moment.

sex and a babyTroy is not the heartless human being that most tend to believe. Ladies are out here trapping men with babies and when the men leave them, they go about preaching how irresponsible they are for neglecting the children they were never even prepared for. Did you ever think that this man you claim to love, with the good looks and money to boot, did indeed want a child but just not with you.

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I’ve come to believe that in life your loudest cheerleaders are at most times the ones who drag us all the way down. If something, an opportunity or person seem too good to be true, they most probably are, so assume the position and keep it pushing.