You know those long days you have at work, that leave you wondering if it’s all worth it. One of those weeks when you really wonder whether your employer really appreciates your value and all you bring to the table in terms of performance. I have for sure had many such weeks and I know you all can relate.

motivation-1One wonders why we all strive for employment when the number of employers’ increases infinitely slower compared to the number of graduates each year in the country. Gone are the days of our fathers’ when being a university graduate guaranteed easy passage into the job market. A report released by the Commission for Higher Education informs us that more than 50,000 students graduate annually from private and public universities in Kenya. Only half of them are suitable for employment. And of these graduates, more than half are not suited to their career choice. (Transformity, 2016)

Reality has sunk in and many are now realising the extremity of the situation with many graduates desperately looking for work to no avail. Employment is now only afforded by the affluent. If you can bribe your way in or your uncle/aunt/sister/cousin is ‘somebody’ you should consider yourself lucky. I say HATS OFF to the young man I watched recently on the news selling candy on the streets of Nairobi, I think it aired on K24 though sadly I couldn’t find the clip. This is someone who had gone to school and gotten a degree but when opportunities lacked he created his own business and got enough motivation from his customers to sell candy to motorists on the streets of Nairobi and this is how he thrived. Luckily once his story aired, employers picked on this opportunity for some good PR and scooped him right up.

To those still seeking employment it is wise to remember that even the great CEO’s of today once stood in your shoes, all wondering what would become of them and suffering a minor setback or two but never giving up the hope that greatness awaited them. If they did it, you can do it too just factor in some patience and know what motivates you in order for you to chase the right opportunities in life. A wise girlfriend told me yesterday, “Everyone has their own specific calling and if money is your only motivator then you are not on the correct career path. Take a step back, access the situation and know what you are passionate about then chase it!” (I just told her I’m quoting her on this blog post and the way her ego inflated was so amusing, anyway I digress)

motivation-2Employment will be the saddest life story you live to tell you grandchildren. Of how your one great idea was shot down because the boss didn’t agree with you, yet you saw what could come of it. Of how you never got promoted because the boss’s nephew was your colleague and somehow seemed ‘more deserving’. Of how all the credit went to your boss though you spent sleepless nights in the office devising such great strategies. Nevertheless, employment is still what many seek even though an individual venture would bear such great fruit for them. Believe in yourself and you will achieve greatness because as the wise girlfriend just told me again, “You Are What You THINK You Are!