What do you think of Trump being the newly sworn in leader of the United States of America, or the Free World as many like to call it? I truly thought nothing of it. My routine answer was ‘NOW HOW DOES THAT AFFECT ME’? But being a grown up means at times one has to think like a grown up. So here are a couple of things I, (read a close friend and I) thought you should know;

  • Many wish for the fall of the US to come through the term of Trump as POTUS but what you need to understand is that most global trade balances on the Dollar. The rise and fall of the Dollars value as the global trading currency is therefore very important. When the dollar falls American goods may become cheaper, but at the same time, other items whose value depends on the Dollar also lose value. Items such as minerals that have been fought over since time immemorial become cheaper or even worthless. Imagine a world where bread can be bought using diamonds because that’s where this would lead.
  • The amount of global debt is at an all-time high at about 20 trillion dollars, yes you read right it is in TRILLION DOLLARS! If the dollar were to crash, sure the economy would be saved under the generation of a new currency, but how would third world countries remain able to repay the debt if the conversion rates also sky rocketed in the debt crash process. The value of the new currency could be even greater than that of the Dollar depending on the World Bank. Kenya’s current public debt is close to three and a half trillion Kenyan shillings and given the fact that repayment of these debts is nowhere in sight, one wonders what would happen if the current trading currency’s value skyrocketed. Let’s not go there because at the end of the day we as Kenyans have to understand that this debt is owed by you, me and our future children and sadly the debt is still rising under the guise of devolution projects like SGR and roads. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION)
  • Thirdly, the US ability to insert itself in any situation is laughable as out of a bid to promote peace and stability rose further destabilization, violence and civil wars. Most funding aimed at refugees comes from the US in form of Government funds and NGO funding and participation. Prepare yourself for more Somali and Sudanese refugees now that there is a ban placed on their travel to the Promised Land (read US) for relocation. And if the US were to cut funding to these projects we would be stuck with several immigrants ourselves. The hundreds of thousands of empty mouths to feed coupled with our own crippling debt, lack of employment for our youth and graft emptying all our pockets would bring civil unrest to our already unstable country.

downloadThe fact that President Trump lacks International Relations skills is not shocking but it could be the underlying factor in the eruption of the third world war (GOD FORBID). Trumps leadership skills base an interest in international alignments that solely stand to profit the US while lacking focus in matters that aim to only promote their allies. So how much longer will their allies stand with them if they are not receiving any assistance whatsoever from the American nation?

A time may come when countries will have to pick a side or not, the thing is we may never know until it actually happens. Till then, let’s all keep abreast on all matters Trump because like it or not, his policies affect us all too.