“(2010)I’m going to focus more on my studies. I’m going to become less outgoing and focus more on completing campus as fast as I can. (2011) This year I’m going to be the best me I can possibly be in my relationship. I love him too much to mess this good thing up. (2012) I have to finally graduate this year, never mind if I have not yet completed all my coursework. I can take a few extra hours and success can be a reality. (2013) This year I will get a real job, who says I can’t be the success story of an intern hired immediately into Upper management at a popular media house. Al Jazeera here I come! (2014) I have to finish my Masters this year! (2015) I’m going to move abroad and live here forever. (2016) OK, so I didn’t move abroad but I can get my start-up running, no employment for me! I’m gonna be my own boss!”sana

These are just a few of my previous New Year resolutions, some of which I have been successful in executing, though not in the delusional time frame I gave myself. Many of us often come up with insane New Year resolutions that we never achieve. The sad bit is this delusion often results in anger at oneself and jealousy of others. The friends we had informed of our life changing decisions resort to petty mockery of your resilience.

Consistent trial and error with that New Year New Me crap has shifted my perspective and this year, twenty bloody seventeen, I have given up on resolutions and I urge you all to join me. If your resolution was to drink less or not at all, you are not a demi-god blessed with the ability to change your crave at the drop of a hat. Truth is it won’t be easy so why drop it all at once just because it’s a new year. I’m not urging you to become an alcoholic but to engage in positive change because you can see the need and want for you to change your habits.

If you intend on being married by the end of the year but you are as single as a dollar bill, I suggest Mathare (mental hospital) because what you seek can only be found there. You can instead change your routine, get out there and be more social because a husband will not be found lying in bed watching the complete series of Jane the Virgin. (Trust me if he could I would be the first to know)

We make all these plans for the New Year, (a new job, a better diet and more exercise, no more alcohol, quitting cigarettes and to be more outgoing) and by Valentines you can be found cradling a bottle of Dry Red with a box of Ferrero Rocher simply because you got no flowers during the day. Regardless of the fact that these were actually good choices you made but the way you made them is a guaranteed recipe for failure.

INSTEAD; Have a game plan (esp. an achievable one). Play by your own rules not the date of a calendar and take each day at a time. Be smart in action, thought and strategy and watch things fall into place as they should.