No lies, we girls give the emptiest compliments to each other. The words “You look so nice TODAY have been said to me so many times, I stopped thinking if this was a jab at my appearance on most days. Ladies compete with each other on so many fronts and for no reason at all. If you see your “friend” with a new bag or shoe, your new mission in life becomes getting a better bag or shoe to simply rub in their face. Why? TO SHOW THEM THAT THEY AIN’T SH*T!

Well that’s my reasoning anyway and I’m sticking with it. New term for the year 2017, FAB (fake ass b*tches), DO NOT forget that.

Women who love you when you have it all but the second calamity strikes no one is there for you. Don’t get me wrong I’m not being bitter or petty just enlightened. Shade is for trees so let’s get real, there is absolutely no reason to smile in my face if you really don’t mean it. Honestly, isn’t it so much easier to avoid unpleasantness than to keep up a show at all times. We as women should empower each other and lift each other up at all times. Doesn’t it make you feel nice to see your friends’ progress instead of wishing ill luck on those closest to us; we should celebrate each other and our victories big and small.


Characteristics of an FAB:

  • Fake (always on)

This sort of woman never means what she says, lies just come spewing out so easily. Those who pledge to help but don’t or help you and announce it so that everyone can see just how “generous” they are. NO help wanted here!

  • Gossiper

They are always talking about who did what where because they clearly have nothing better to do with their time. Consider spending less time worrying about others problems and go fix your own why not?

  • Unavailable

It’s a Friday so some drinks are the plan, that’s quite alright. If you’re always unreachable during weekdays though you are an FAB so thank you for the occasional random plot but you are now excommunicated.

  • Moody

Today you’re all cheery and friendly and tomorrow you can’t hear me talking to you even when I’m standing right next to you. GIRL BYE! Ain’t nobody got time for that, unless I am having your children I can’t be bothered to decipher your hot and cold moods so thank but no thanks, you can keep it pushing!

Live by this:))

There’s a host of other traits such women have like being disingenuous, unkind, jealous and greedy and I’m sure you can add a ton more. No, you may not be my friend if you kissed my man when I wasn’t looking. I have friends and I don’t need any more fake broad handouts! I am officially tired of the mess so with the New Year comes the motivation to do better and be better and systematically all the FAB’s got to go! We are all too grown to let fake friends take over our lives, Think about this because I know we all have some of them in our lives. Toss ‘Em.