Any publicity is good publicity! Trump surely rode this show horse till there was nothing left but he somehow survived the media storm of negative coverage, emerging victorious as the 45th president elect of the United States of America.

I still don’t understand how someone who claimed to grab women by the “YOU KNOW WHERE” is America’s next president. Anyway wonders never cease to amaze and I’m sure by the time his term is over I shall also be a witnesser…

Original Witnesser

Now, back to our motherland as we are too in the midst of some very dramatic election campaigns. Slander seems to be the name of the game and though sad for some, I for one am enjoying our politicians having it out each day in their battle of words. The 9 o’clock prime time news has become Quando Ceas Mia for my family and we are so gripped! We can’t be the only ones this entertained by all this tomfoolery!

I won’t go into detail listing all the misgivings of our politicians but that doesn’t make them any less true or uninteresting. The only thing I will point out is the humour in the fact that many Kenyans are up in arms talking about change and bringing an end to corruption but come Election Day, we will still vote in the same thieves as our leaders.

Vice President William Ruto is a prime example of ridiculous leadership; I mean seriously who steals land from a primary school! Those are poor children what did they ever do to him. I am sure most top officials children go to great pricey private schools with all manner of clubs and activities. You think those Langata Road Primary School children even have a pool, yet the man was so eager to grab the little land they had for a field. What were they supposed to do during break, STAND?!


I could go on and on with this but come 2017, UhuRuto will still be in the lead. Maybe like Trump this could just be the publicity he gains traction from but we’ll have to wait and see. All i know is, some serious damage control must be underway but once all the “scandalous money” has been dished out we shall go back to our normal lives of complaints and controversy.

When I think back to the UhuRuto campaign posters used during the 2013 general election campaign period, the message portrayed then couldn’t be more different to what we can observe now. The President and his Veep showed us an image of partnership and brotherhood. A friendship that would result in great work.


Best Friends

Fast-forward to 2016 and it appears the president has lost confidence in his running mate. Either that, or their PR Strategist decided Hon. Ruto should not face the camera ever again! He’s always facing away from the camera hiding his face like that makes any difference. I made peace though, with the fact that they will still win come 2017, scandals or none.

Ruto Look Away Pic


The Look Away Pic is also on their current billboards