I refuse to believe that cleanliness in matatus is just a dream. As we protest for safer transportation vehicles, can there also be a cleanliness petition included in the movement. Just recently there was a massive outbreak of bedbugs in most Nairobi route matatus.


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Picture leaving your house, dressed in your most fashionable outfit but the matatu you use has a number of bugs that leave you itching after the endless bites received. There you are arriving at the wedding of a friend or to a chama meeting looking drop dead gorgeous but constantly itching yourself. Even that fly jamaa will notice and ask his pals, “Kwani ule msupa hakuoga nini?”
And it’s not just the bugs you have to fear, I was recently in a Westlands matatu where a kid peed on himself and since the kid was sick everyone in the jav understood the situation. Sadly when the kid alighted, the Kange only put a cardboard paper on the seat (barely covering the moisture) and continued carrying passengers. One pretty lady was about to seat on it but the conductor quickly warned her not to and ushered her to another seat, but when an old “Waria” woman boarded the matatu everyone ignored her (me included) as she sat on the wet chair and thought nothing of it. I fought the urge to warn her of the pee because it was none of my business, sips tea.
I genuinely feel like I denied myself Heaven points on that day, but it’s alright because after writing this and you reading it I will have created the awareness that I sought after.
Okay so here’s my take on this issue:
Matatu’s are a part of this country’s economy whether we like it or not. I know I don’t. Anyway as an earning sector they have to also tailor themselves to fit the consumer’s needs, the consumers of this product being you and me, those still using “Footsubishi”.
1.Wash the inside as well as the outside of the matatu
There is no point for my white Woolies flats to get dirty just because the inside is very dirty and wet when in reality it’s a summer day. Wash up and style up!
2.Spray the inside of the matatu regularly
These bug infestations are honestly either starting from people’s homes and shambas then being transferred from point of origin to other destinations by matatus and their passengers.  Spray at least every other day so that the pests can be eradicated.
3.Return our dustbins
As a measure to curb littering in the CBD and its environs, matatus were asked to ensure the vehicle has a dustbin for use by passengers. They have all since disappeared with the Death of our beloved Hon. John Michuki. Let us return his vision of road transport back to its prime state.
And for those who bring these pests on board of the matatus used by ALL, may all shame be upon you if you are doing it knowingly. May we try to be cleaner citizens, you may not care who uses the seat after you but think if you were to follow one such like you in way of cleanliness. Stop reading this and actually go take a shower and wash your clothes.
I would like to end my scribble by offering my sincere condolences to the families and friends of those lost in the Langata Road accident recently. The matatu involved was apparently not even registered so how did it make it to the roads of Nairobi in the first place. How has it been functioning without a license and evading all the police officers posted throughout the city and on every major road. Road safety is a serious issue that is being ignored by the high and mighty as they do not use public transport.
Can something change?